Peter Lynggaard Andersen

It all started when I was a very young kid on the backseat of my parents Citroen BX, driving to northern Italy for vacation, and on the way through Germany writing down number plates on a piece of paper, and totally freaking out if a Porsche or other special car was passing us… I was around 10 years old at the time.

The passion for cars was born and has followed me through my life and into adulthood.

My first car was a 1973, 1300 VW Beetle, and the second one a 2,7 Porsche 911 from 1976.

I have driven and owned cars from almost all sportscar brands through my life, and now with PFM I will make the cars that I love an even bigger part of my life.

Kresten Landsberger Andreasen

My automotive interest spawned many years ago, and as a young boy, this was of course before the internet, my room was filled with magazines the likes of Auto, Motor und Sport, Classic & Sportscar etc.

My friends and I used to quiz each other on the topic, not unlike the Car Card Comparison game, but solely from memory.

My very first car was a Fiat 131 in full rally spec, not the obvious beginners choice. Going to the movies dealing with Mud+Snow tyres and a roll cage raised a few eyebrows.

As an adult I have spent many years working with collectibles, the last ten years deeply involved in the online auction business. In later years I have felt something missing in the auction approach.

It is without a doubt highly effective, but somehow the speed and effectiveness kills the pleasure of the project.

You get detatched somewhere along the line, and you miss the dialogue, passion and advice that should be the hallmarks of any classic or sportscar venture.